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A drummer friend of mine sent me this. It seems to be a new device for allowing you to change already mixed tracks. It's from a seemingly German company called Melodyne.

My initial reaction was that other than the mixed track alteration gimmick, it isn't doing anything you cant do with Pro Tools WHILE mixing or with Finale /Sibelius or a sequencer like DP while composing.

Take a look and see what y'all think -is this guy sorta reinventing the wheel or what ?

Phil Kelly
NW Prevailing Winds
SW Santa Ana Winds
Origin Records

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i have participated on some discussions at length on northern sounds forum about this. It is REALLY cool what you can do with it, for instance you can take a guitar track playing 5 or 6 note chords and take the *audio* of it (not the midi) and you can edit it like midi, change each note independantly out of an actualized stereo wave, change the chords, etc. AMAZING! But while the demo looks really amazing its very limited actually and only certain instruments with very defined tones can work in it. So on one hand its scary cool and no its not reinventing the wheel, it is something totally new, but on the other hand it is still quite limited and while it will have some serious value in pop production I dont think you can edit anything more complex than a single instrument with 5 or 6 notes simultaneously played (ie clean guitar, piano, rhodes, etc)
Heres some more info I got from a composer friend named Tim Cissell in Dallas ( He was MD on the PBS "Wishbone" series I worked on about 12 years ago ) TC is somewhat of a gear maven, and he sent me the following info:

>>Hey Phil,

The application is called Melodyne... and it's been the pitch-correction standard for years. This is just the latest, greatest version of Melodyne.

I think I paid about $400-500 bucks for it three or four years ago. The new version, which I don't have would cost me another $200 to upgrade. The version that allows you to tweak notes in a chord needs the latest, greatest processor power... so, another reason I don't have it yet.

There are many, many things you can do with Melodyne that no other application will touch. I don't know how useful being able to tweak a chord would be, unless your remixing something like a guitar rhythm track and want to change the chord structure of a famous song... without changing anything else about the performance. So you would keep the basic and famous part of the guitar sound.... just morph it into something newish.

I can't see how this new feature would be terribly useful to the way I use Melodyne. But it IS the best at this stuff.

I use Melodyne almost everyday since I have to do some work with actors who can't sing... who are somehow hired to do singing roles. Melodyne will pitch correct a fart. Most amazing program I have.


then I asked him:

>>>since you can pitch correct with protools BEFORE you mix, is this app just faster? -or faster and better?

Tim responded:

>>the pitch correction in PT is shit.

The pitch correction in Melodyne is really almost undetectable, and over a much wider range. Plus you can more easily make notes longer or shorter, diminish vibrato... it's really amazing.

The new version has just added a competitive STEREO Pitch shift and/or tempo shift that is mind-blowingly seamless. Serato Pitch N Time sort of had a lock on the market for a program where people just wanted their track in another key or at a different tempo.

Now, Melodyne has added that capability... as a feature in Melodyne. It's a must have app for people like me.



I still think Chris observation that this thing only works on simple single instrument source material ( like a solo guitar or keyboard ) and not as well on say, a full mixed ensemble is a serious limitation - especially at the price
( which is $700 I've been told )

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