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Anyone who has been able to get the the midi to read cres....dim.... well from SIB into their midi please let me know. The dynamic markings take but the lines will not.

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Gust, what version of Sibelius do you use? When you are listening to playback in Sibelius, does the sound crescendo or diminuendo with the hairpins? Do you use the crescendo plugin?


I have SIB 3 and if I use the hairpins there is no reading in midi. I do not know of the crescendo plug in. Can you inform me. Thanks for the help

in a general midi file? not that i am aware. while fader automation should be kept (midi volume controller) I believe that crescendo and decrescendo in sibelius are treated differently and hence are not part of a general midi file. That is one reason I only use finale/sib for making scores and parts and not for a performance tool. I always play on keyboard or wind controller each part into a seperate sequence (like cubase or DP) not only for those issues but also to capture the nuance of timing and attacks of the samples I use. It definately adds a whole layer of time sink involved to make a good non-quantized sequence but rarely have I heard a sib or finale score played back where it wasnt totally obvious

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