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I'm not religious and certainly not creationist, but I was given the task of setting some "spiritual" lyrics to music, so I obliged and gave it my best shot.

My aim for the project was to write a piece of music that was seemingly simplistic, to reflect the sentiment of the of the words, but did have enough musical invention to make it a worthwhile piece of music.

They liked it on youtube, but you are obviously a more discerning bunch here.

Although I'm interested in writing classical music, I'm still very much fascinated by songwriting and the task of "finding" a good melody.

And a word of warning - although I'm more happy with the results this time, I'm using vocaloid again. I know that some people hate vocaloid with a passion (and for me too it's only a poor substitute for a proper singer), I put these songs out as "demos" to attract a real singer, and to give people an idea of how the song works.

Caveats and warnings aside - what do you think ?

The filming is from my tours of beauty spots and cathedrals in the UK.

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