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Let's compose it. Together. To celebrate our 100 member mark, I propose that we ALL collaborate on a single piece of music. Here's the basic idea:

We each compose up to two minutes of music with a transition format in mind and I will piece them together. For example, we could decide that every composers music starts in one specific key and ends in another. We could go with major circle of fifths plus minor circle of fifths.

So for example, I start with C major and end with G major, the next composer starts with G major and ends with D major and so on. We could have a standard tempo for the transitions as well so:

I start with C major at 120bpm, transition to whatever key and tempos I want WITHIN my section as long as I end with G major and 120bpm and don't have an ENDING but something that will flow into the next composers section.

Once we hand out all the Major (key) sections, we pass out Minor sections. And we continue in this way forever with new composers. You can do ANYTHING you want within your section as long as:

It's 2 minutes or less.

It transitions adequately from your chosen first key and tempo to your end key and tempo.

I would piece the stereo audio files together and make sure the transitions worked.

We will start when we hit 100 members. Who's in?

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STARTED! I am working on the beginning section now. Feel free to start your chosen section. I will post mine here when the framework is done enough for you to get the idea...
The first track is now posted in the group for this. You can see how it will fade from it's ending to the beginning of the brave person to take on the next section! Take a listen and see if you think you can handle this kind of thing, I know you can!
If so, we need to jumo in early asking for stems for their parts,,,,,
Stems can be anything. Typically you will put all major groups together. All drums as a single stereo file. All percussion as one. If strings are secondary, then all as a stereo file. If they are major, then you could do 4 parts (Vln, Vla, Vc, Bass.) Just make sure each is stereo. Bass (guitar, synth, etc.) should be its own file. Basically, keep the most important parts separate.
Let's post them all in the "group" for this. You put yours in the right place. I might make a separate thread there for them...
Lyrics are optional. ANY style. Your style. Just follow the transition guidelines...
I assume you already have your 100 composers lined up. Would you consider putting me on a waiting list in case one of the composers has to drop out?

By the way, where is the work in progress posted?
Hey! I wasn't getting the email notices on this - UPDATE - there are PLENTY of places to fill! Claim yours now! Look at the list - or I will assign one to you - either way...

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