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Hi, i start with a note of caution to listeners: this is only a demo and not a finished product by any means. For starters, the song is "sung" by a the very latest in virtual singers, vocaloid 2. And in addition, the mix is not up professional standards (I'm still learning, folks).

But, I hope that people will listen and form some judgement about the music - does it work as a song ?

and - could you imagine it being successful in (eg. in a music theatre production) if I had the ability to produce a really professional recording of it ?

So I hope that people enjoy my piece "Dark Distant Memories". All the music is my own, but I took the lyrics from a sheet of music from the Victorian period that I found in a second hand shop in Wigtown, Scotland (I often use very old lyrics that are out of copyright as a starting point).

And finally, if anybody who has sound engineering skills wants to take the song further, then I'd be glad to send you the midi files.

Best wishes,


and here it is:

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I'm just putting it about on the net (including youtube) in the hope that somebody will offer to give it a go !
Hi, Ray

Thanks for listening.

Sorry you didn't like it. I did try to cover myself by saying "this is only a demo and not a finished product by any means" .

The point of the post was to ask "would the song work if it was recorded properly" , because I'm all too aware of the limitations of the virtual singer; that's why I had to add the lyrics for clarity.

Or, overlooking the virtual singer, are you saying that the song is poor to begin with ?
thanks, that put my mind at rest.

I did spend a lot of time playing around with the vocals, in fact.

The truth is that virtual vocals are a few years behind other virtual instruments. I was "pleased" with this vocaloid in comparison to its predecessors - which sounded like Stephen Hawking with bronchitis !

But I am still on the look out for a good singer to replace my robot voice.
I might do that.

There's a guy on the net in Australia who pretty much said "love the song, but hate the recording" and his wife might have a go at singing it it, and she's a trained soprano. So the midi files and have found their way over there.

I've actually posted this song on a few music forums and the response has been very bi-partisan, from love to hate, with no in-betweens, so the responses here are completely typical.

I'm rapidly learning that you have to be a writer, arranger and sound engineer to have any hope of achieving anything in music, and I'm working hard to improve my skills in the last area.

Ps. I sadly don't live in Islay, but rainy old Manchester !
you can also find it here, but bear in mind that youtube's file compression is horrible. When I record it with a proper singer I'll post it again as a polished MP3 - this is only a "robotic" demo, remember.

But see if you think it's an ok song, even if the recording leaves a lot to be desired.

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