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I'm a keyboard player, and I am now 42, and I've noticed my fingers and hands are not as strong as they were. I've been playing a fair bit in the last year, so they've had exercise. I've tried one of those Powerball things (gyroscope) and it's pretty good, but I stopped because I felt as if it was increasing strength but decreasing flexibility.

Does anyone have any similar experiences or advice to share?

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I once went to see a knee surgeon. He was widely acclaimed and had worked on Mickey Mantles knees (very famous American baseball player). I asked him about hand strength and specifically avoiding carpel tunnel syndrome.

He looked at me and told me "Masturbation"

I was like YEA thats funny hahaha

He said, "No, I am very serious."

So Mike make your wife understand that its for your music and your future when you go buy some Penthouse mags ;D
I'll bear that in mind then...!

Funniest thing I've read all day - you crack me up Chris :D

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