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Hey people

Just a quick reminder. Our forum is peers hanging out and not a myspace where its a race to see how many ads you can leave on "friends" pages. So we have agreed among the boss (CM) and I about some basic policies

1. No ads - please do not post any ads for your product or products you support on your pages or in the forums. Reviews are fine and letting people know of new products as a friend would another friend is of course fine, just lets not get blatant about the ads

2. No players or graphics in replies - please dont reply to someone's comment and post on *their page* with a big graphic or even worse a player filled with your music. Besides that it can conflict with the Composer's Forum player its just kind of rude. Everyone wants to share with each other, but there is a way that is cool and a way that is overbearing and uncool

3. No piracy - we wont allow any form of piracy on this forum. Posting content here or on your pages that is not your own property or expressly permissioned will be deleted and user accounts will be deleted

I know its lame to get all police-ish and trust me I hate to even mention it. But we have had some issues already with only 300 members and as we grow it needs to be said clearly and maintained. These policies may be updated from time to time as we feel is needed to keep this community of the kind that lets busy professionals feel at peace to fraternize together and with aspiring composers as well.

Anyhow back to music stuff!

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They dont give us stickies :(
Some of the aforementioned bad behaviour ( particularly plagarism
of sorts ) can be averted by un checking the "allow others to post this on their sites " when you add some music to your page.

If you wrote it, you gotta take the blame for it ..but if you DIDN'T write it and cribbed it. a megazillion copyright hornets will zero in on your crotch and make it VERY difficult to sit ...or do anything else, for that matter!
Thanks I need to be reminded.
It is very much required, Where people can post ads here in this forum

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There isnt one, ads have no place in this forum ;-) Sorry!
As Chris mentioned, this is a peer -to -peer forum for composers.
It exists to exchange ideas and discuss issues of common interest to those of us who write music for a living.

However, the feature that allows you to post your OWN music on your page is as close to an *ad* as is allowed here.

So, put your stuff up there ..and you will get a reaction!
I know its true! I fell in love with Phil Kelly's music as a result!! If only I were a beagle he might love me back! :D
It is important not to cheat- plagarists need to go to bit oblivion...,

You had mentioned graphics...Just to be clear...
I hope that appropriate photos, are OK
They are sometimes nedded to clarify a post.

I sometimes use a jpg here and there as an aid in explaining stuff...

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