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Yo! Here's the difference:

Groups are for people of a common interest to discuss amongst themselves.

Forums are for anyone to chime in.

If you want to start a group, please make sure it has a relevant picture icon (music page for orchestrators and so on.) And please be sure the group is different enough from what already exists and is created for people of that common interest.

If its just to discuss a certain music topic that could be of interest to many or all composers, then make it a "discussion" in the forums.

In the interest of maintaining a valued COMPOSER community, I may delete Groups, Forums, Discussions, or even members at any time.

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You are correct. I emailed your or left a note for you somewhere about it... Jump on in and start discussions there!
Hi Chris:

Here is the squib I wrote regarding other income streams available to media composers. You suggested placing is elswhere, so here it is in toto for you to place as you see fit.

If you want to delet the "other media" group, fine with me!

Phil Kelly

Other ways to make money with music

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As has been pointed out by many members here, making a living full time scoring films requires an investment in time, contacts, luck ,and preparation .

However, there ARE other venues for marketing your talents that can supplement your income while awaiting that "break" to get you going in film and /or TV scoring full time.

Some of these can be quite lucrative as well ( like getting into the Advertising end of music ) and all of them have their own specific skill sets one must master as well the contacts that will get you going. ( And yes, some of it **is** musically less than fulfilling ..but the money was very good ! )

Personally, I made my living for 40 some years doing a similar mix of many of these various tasks
and with a fair degree of financial success in the process, including the "back end" benefits of commercial residuals and dub fees ( plus some valuable long term benefits like the AFM pension fund )

I always viewed the opportunities to work on films as mostly "the fun stuff" where I could stretch a bit from the other stuff ..but by combining this mix of tasks, I was very seldom out of work.

As an illustration,here's one of my "jingle demos"
from the Mesozoic era -circa 1980 :) plus an ESPN promo from 1995

01 Track 01 6.mp3, 7.7 MB Delete
16 Track 16 1.mp3, 3 MB Delete

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