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Hi guys and gals :

It's GRAMMY nomination time again ...

and ,well ..for any NARAS members here without a big band in the hunt themselves, I'd appreciate your votes for:

Field 10 -jazz

#48 -large jazz ensemble album ( they still call them albums ? )

026 .."My Museum " Phil Kelly and the SW Santa Ana Winds

also: for those of y'all who are qualified to vote in the composing /arranging category
( and again , don't have a big band in the hunt )

Field 23: Composing /Arranging

#85 ..composition ( pleading dim cap ) 215

#86 ..unstl. arrangement

( Its a Lazy Afternoon ) 091
( Body $ Soul ) 024

#87 arrangement accompanying vocal
( My Museum ) 125

If you vote, thank you ..

( grovel grovel )

never too proud to beg a bit !

Phil Kelly
NW Prevailing Winds
SW Santa Ana Winds
Origin Records

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