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I've been toying with the idea of buying this softsynth/sampler. Anyone have any real world experience using it in projects? Is it worth the ca. $500?

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I toyed with the demo for a while and loved it, but finally decided that I would't really dive into the programming, and thus did not buy it. The audio demos for it are amazing. No samples used!
So you found that it actually required more work finessing performances than other libraries? I was under the impression that real-time performances produced fairly good results that only needed a bit of tweaking in order to be useable. As well, one of the most common comments I've heard is that it's best used with another library blended.
It's been about a year, but I remember it sounded drastically different from any library. And yes, a real time performance already sounded awesome, but to tweak anything was a pain for me.
I downloaded the demo and played around with it for a bit. Wasn't able to do that much with it but the demo only lasted for 10 days and I didn't spend a lot of time at it. Chris is right though, so of the demos are very good. It is definitely a technology that might have a bright future. Right now though, there are a lot of other things I would spend the $500 on.
Have you got an orchestral library like EWQL? If so, does it really add anything? I tried the demo and liked the quick playability but would only consider it if the price dropped because I would only ever see it as a useful extra rather than a complete orchestral tool.

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