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6 Ëtincelles for piano, Op.20. Since I am a pianist, I focus upon piano compositons. Having Overture as a notation tool and PianoTeq for my favorite instrument (the Blüthner) it is quite easy making a decent recording.

1. C'est déjà le matin?
2. Un petit blue du matin
3. Bach, n'est jamais bien loin
4. C'est une toute nouvelle substance
5. Du temps jadis
6. J'ai touché un point sensible?

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Hi Raymond,

It's always a pleasure to listen to your skillful piano compositions. I don't know how many time I've heard these 'Étincelles' yet, but I'm still as thrilled as with the first time. The whole suite shows a enthusiastic piano player who is enjoying himself.

Good composition technique, great variation, exquisite piano recording!



Hi Raymond, would it be possible to see a score of this?


Raymond, these are indeed delightful. Thank you for sharing them.

Yes. They reside here:

6 Étincelles.

This is a link to


Gav Brown said:

Hi Raymond, would it be possible to see a score of this?


Thanks Raymond, I will have a comment after I’ve had time to examine them -


Hi Raymond,
I listened to it 3 times, first without the score, and then twice with. Here are my impressions. To the good: there is an overall tenderness to the pieces which is very affecting and which seems to me the strongest feature. I heard what at times struck me as a hint of Ravel, and at other times Bach, but not so much that it felt like an imitation of either composer. These seem to be in your voice, which I appreciated. There is also a stream-of-conciousness quality to the music at times, as if you had composed these based on improvisations, which mostly seemed to work well as far as I could tell. One place where I felt it was not working as strongly was in the endings of the pieces, which to me seemed to spring up abruptly without preamble/lead-in, as if you suddenly decided the piece was over, put in a cadence and that was the end of it. The other area I felt was not as strong was in some of the harmonic/melodic choices you made. There are some dissonances here and there which seemed to me to come out of the blue and it felt to me like stronger choices could have been made in some cases. If I am right and the pieces were composed stream-of-conciousness-like, perhaps these flowed naturally out of that, but to me they were jarring and detracted from the overall enjoyment. Perhaps that is nothing other than a matter of personal taste. I thank you for sharing it and the score!
Best -

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