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These four short pieces for solo guitar were originally planned to be six.  Well, when I leave something partly finished it's very hard for me to get back into the mood and complete it, but sometimes I think that the collection is finished as it stands. What do you think?

Thanks for listening.


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Hi Socrates,

The meditteranean Jobim...:-)

For me, the four work well and do not need anymore. I particularly like the jazz infusion ( a bit Brubeck-ish to my ears) and your take on what we call popular, you can’t beat some sexy maj and min 7ths and ninths to relax to.

They really are easy on the ear and quite charming. I hope you can record yourself playing them one day and post them for us.

 Thank you very much Mike.

As always you are spot on about influences. I am influenced very much when I use this mixed idiom by 3 Latin Americans: H. Villa-Lobos, A. Barrios-Mangore, and A. C. Jobim and two north Americans, O. Peterson and D. Brubeck.

I am elated that you also find something of the Med in them! (Yes, 6ths, 7ths and 9ths are the sexiest entities in my ears :-) )

Lovely, utterly charming!  I found myself longing to hear them played.. live at a pub in a little fishing village in Spain.. (or America del Sur )

Very heartwarming!   (I was thinking Jobim as well.) 

I don't think the collection feels incomplete.. Though, the first 3 had very similar tempo..I liked the change for tempo for the last one.. and wondered the possibility of slower and faster tempos..  I think of J. Strauss - and his many tempos, for his various waltzes .. (I do love them…)      yes, Chopin, too of course..


I'm just listening to Williams play Barrios-Mangores 3rd waltz. I hadn't heard of him, but what lovely music, played with such perfection it is doubtless a Platonic archetype for guitarists.

Thank you all again for the additional feedback.


Gregorio, I didn't like to mention Chopin, but there's a man with whose music I was in love very much. (It is not that I'm not anymore, but I don’t have time to listen to him as much as I would like).

I see the point about the tempi being more varied. I thought once or twice about it, I'll see if I can do anything about this when it comes down to practise them and hopefully record them.


Em, thanks for your input and appreciation. Yes, I don’t like or consider guitar writing to be completely chordal because it can sing quite well in monophonic lines as its repertoire proves.


Mike, thanks for the link. I went straight to it as I did not hear this piece in the last two-three years. I used to listen to Barrios a lot and yes, for most guitarists now a days he is a very respected guru figure. It is not only his musicality and the quality of his works (over 150 solo pieces one better than the previous), but he also stretched the technique of the instrument perhaps further than anyone else. Although he had a quite successful career as a touring virtuoso, he was forgotten almost completely for about 50 years, until John Williams re-established him in the eighties and taught him to all of us. That is one of the best things imo that progressive and open minded great soloists can do for the rest of us, make to us the work of unknown composers, known and appreciated. John is one of them.

Hi Socrates,
is a lovely job, I liked it a lot

Actually I have the impression the fourth piece was not written to initially close the suite, it is true that it leaves you like if another one should start :) but I understand what you mean sometime is not easy to come back to a specific mood which inspired the composition.

I really enjoyed the second for the unexpected harmonic movements

I Would love to hear a real performance, I just subscribed to your channel will listen to your other uploads


Thank you Marco. It is as you say, hard to get into the mood again for me, but at least I have kept some melodic lines for the other two pieces, and if the opportunity comes I will have another go at them. The tempi of the first three pieces I had planned as slow and the rest three as quicker. This summer if I find some time I will record them live in studio, or failing that, at least try to have a live take from a gig, noisy or not.  :-)


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