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Well, I know, this is a very strange composition for 3 harps and melodica. Seems I haven't heard anything like this before. All recorded live.

Anyway, totally ready for total dissection :)

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Strange and nice in a way..
I didn't hear any harps, just the 3 Melodica, are you sure you uploaded the right file?
I don't understand your goal very well so I will not be the best genus to give you total dissection, but I will speak my mind loud if you want to hear someone's thoughts..
I don't know if the composition is meant to serve any purpose or just for fun. but for me I imagine It can fit on a puzzle style video game.. my ears are not very used to the Melodica, I'm not a big Melodica fan but I can imagine the same melodies sound more exciting with different instruments, maybe more orchestral, marching snares with pizzicato strings flute and tuba? or rock band instruments like guitars, bass and synthesizers with a drum beat added..
I'm just guessing, giving suggestions and brainstorming..
it sounds beautifully strange, and it's up to you to do whatever you want..
Good luck..

Thank you for your comment.

Almost no bends are used on harmonicas (harps), that's why they sound like melodicas.

The idea was to use only free reed instruments (harmonica, melodica), that's why the sound is.

I think, the purpose was to make it sound "beautifully strange".

I didn't find it immensely "strange". Most of it was evocative and an interesting minimalistic composition to focus on.

It is tonal if I'm not mistaken (extremely tired here, will listen again tomorrow), but it doesn't remind me of anything and is truly original. Maybe folkmusic from some parts of the world,

Stravinsky's Rite of Spring and Firebird, has a similar tonal language (not similar really, but the use of whatever it is that makes the message find its way into my neural cortex and like it, makes me think of S.

So, I final thought: If you develop this into something orchestral (maybe contemporary blended with romanticism) you might end up something really interesting.

But this is just my impressions when listening.

Thank you for comment.

Yes, it is pentatonic mainly.

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