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Hi All, I am new, first time poster.  Sorry if this is covered, but I didn't see it as a topic. I was wondering what most everyone, parti…

Started by Jake R Tanner

1 Dec 15, 2015
Reply by Al Johnston

That Damn Panning Issue Again!!!

OK, so I have discovered that it's better to not pan my new Cinematic Strings, but leave them in their pre-panned positions. But now, what…

Started by michael diemer

19 Jan 4, 2015
Reply by Michael Lofting

CS2 on sale

FYI: Cinematic Strings 2 is on sale for $400.00 (regular #500.00).

Started by michael diemer

2 May 19, 2014
Reply by michael diemer

What Orchestral Virtual Instruments are you using?

Hi, I'm pretty new to the composers forum and this is my first posting. I recently have been hired to score an Independent film and want to…

Started by Eric Englehorn

11 Feb 10, 2014
Reply by Jeremy David Hiebert

Ethnic Sound Library, suggestions

I'm really interested in making middle eastern, chinese and perhaps also bag-pipe music, which sounds authentic. What would you suggest for…

Started by Lassi Tani

5 Jan 13, 2014
Reply by Raymond Kemp

Best All In One Orch Libraries?

Are there any truly great all in one classical orchestra sample libraries out there? I have EWQL SO Gold, Garritan and Vienna SP 1. None of…

Started by michael diemer

24 Jan 13, 2014
Reply by Raymond Kemp

New Virtual Instruments and composing

Hello everyone,  I have some joy I would like to share concerning the newest virtual instruments, and how I think they are at a point now w…

Started by William Gordon

28 Dec 17, 2013
Reply by Olmnilnlolm

Orchestral Software

Hi - I'd be interested to hear people's opinion of the best orchestral software.  Many thanks Robert

Started by Robert Lipfriend

6 Oct 3, 2013
Reply by Cody D. Boyce

Mixing and Mastering Sampled Orchestral Audio

Hi everyone, I am having some trouble creating a finished project that sounds full and rich and not muffled. I compose orchestral music usi…

Started by John Hoge

18 Aug 12, 2013
Reply by michael diemer

Epic choir - suggestion

Hi! What vst(s) would you recommend for an epic-sounding choir? I would like something that focused more on sustains rather than staccato.

Started by David Ghitulescu

7 Aug 5, 2013
Reply by David Ghitulescu


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