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Non- Jazz Use Of Saxophones

Does anyone have an idea of how likely it is to get a non-jazzy rendition of a saxophone part in orchestral music these days? I occasionall…

Started by michael diemer

2 Sep 7
Reply by michael diemer

Which scores are great to study when learning to write for strings - and where to find them for free?

Hi everyone, I would like to learn how to write for strings. i thought i would recreate some scores in my DAW (Cubase Elements 9.5) to do s…

Started by Felix Stephan Music

8 Jun 18
Reply by valentine gaval

How fast can bassoons tongue?

I'm writing a symphony and there are some couplets of thirty-second notes in 6/8 at 60 bpm. Is this doable?

Started by Izzy Savides

1 Dec 25, 2018
Reply by Bob Porter

Cloth on Piano (Salonen)

Started by John Driscoll

6 Jan 14, 2018
Reply by Bob Morabito

The Development of Extended Piano Techniques in Twentieth-Century American Music

The Development of Extended Piano Techniques in Twentieth-Century American Music Reiko Is…

Started by Bob Morabito

5 Apr 3, 2017
Reply by Mike Hewer

String Bowing explained-videos

Hi All, String bowing is an essential part of the compositional process as is all phrasing and articulation, because it  reveals your true…

Started by Mike Hewer

5 Mar 30, 2017
Reply by Mike Hewer

Composition study materials

What do you think is the best book on instrumentation, that describes in a concise relatively easy to understand way, the ranges and abilit…

Started by Nick Esola

3 Jun 2, 2016
Reply by Filip Holacký

Horribly Wrttten Harp Scores

Hello my composer friends! About a year ago, I initiated The Harp Legacy Project after years of coping with harp scores that were either ju…

Started by Shirley Meyer Blankenship

24 Jan 5, 2016
Reply by Mariza Costa-Cabral

How to deal with mid-bar tempo changes in orchestral parts

I'm working on an orchestral piece where there are several mid-bar tempo changes. I have several questions: 1) Is this even a good idea to…

Started by H. S. Teoh

7 Oct 24, 2015
Reply by Olmnilnlolm

Open strings and hand positions- How much of a bad thing?

Hi. I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on the use of open strings; I suppose this discussion applies mostly to live performance, since…

Started by Bryan W. Poulsen

14 Oct 19, 2015
Reply by Bob Porter


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