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Help on counterpoint

Here is a sketch of a song I did based on my dad's jokes. I find it very hard to produce 2 independent voices that do not interfere with ea…

Started by Lucas Oliveira Krumenaur

4 Aug 19
Reply by Claude Werner

Mania (definitive, kind off) - trying to understand the progression

So, this is one of the little songs i've been working on. I made it with the intent to express anxiety and some momentaneous happiness. I w…

Started by Lucas Oliveira Krumenaur

3 Aug 15
Reply by LeviathaninWaves

Movement No. 3

This is the third and final movement of my strings piece. I've tried to apply things I've learned from posting the first two movements, so…

Started by Matt Baker

0 Jun 12


Mania.mp4 I made this song to express momentaneous happiness, anxiety and confusion. To me the intent is clear, but I don't know if others…

Started by Lucas Oliveira Krumenaur

3 Jun 12
Reply by Lucas Oliveira Krumenaur

Movement No. 1

This is the first movement of the piece I have recently posted. I'm home today with a bad sprained ankle, so I took some of the ideas about…

Started by Matt Baker

2 Jun 11
Reply by Matt Baker

A theme with no name

I have just finished this piece and wanted to share it with you guys/gals for feedback. Before I started writing this piece I was thinking…

Started by Marcel Müller

3 Jun 9
Reply by Marcel Müller

Orchestration from Piano

This is the second movement of a piece I will post probably in a few days. It was an attempt to make an orchestral version of, and develop,…

Started by Matt Baker

24 Jun 3
Reply by Matt Baker

Full Orchestra Rondo

This piece was really fun to write. I was trying to learn about orchestration, so I wanted to put together a chord for a full orchestra. Ev…

Started by Matt Baker

4 May 24
Reply by Matt Baker

Piano Composition in E minor

This is one of the first pieces that I actually composed on the piano (instead of mostly in the software). In fact, I even notated it by ha…

Started by Matt Baker

7 May 22
Reply by Matt Baker

Orchestra Sample, Feedback Sought

Hello Colleagues, I've never written any orchestral music so I thought I'd give it a try. I recently asked on this forum for input for how…

Started by Gav Brown

41 Apr 16
Reply by Gav Brown


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