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Esoteric Question: Detache vs. Mezzo-Staccato

Something that has puzzled me a long time: How to notate a wind passage say, for horns, when you want to show the grouping and phrasing wit…

Started by michael diemer

15 Oct 21, 2019
Reply by michael diemer

A Guide to Atonal Subcategories

Just throwing it out there.  I think it would be beneficial if there could be a forum contributed guide with descriptions to atonal subcate…

Started by Em Coston

2 Jul 27, 2018
Reply by Ingo Lee

Do classical musicians feel rhythms differently?

This video makes some interesting points about how different musicians interpret rhythms differently. Does anyone want to comment on this,…

Started by Ingo Lee

3 Jun 14, 2018
Reply by Lawrence Aurich

Atonal music and naturals

So I have always composed my atonal music using natural signs after having showed a sharp of flat, recently I showed someone one of these c…

Started by Mitch Newton

77 Nov 13, 2017
Reply by Greg Monks

The Heart of Music and Frequencies

On another thread, I mentioned Cymatics and the effects( and affects ) frequencies may have on various things, and people. I'm interested i…

Started by roger stancill

27 Sep 8, 2017
Reply by roger stancill

What am I trying to write?

I'm something of a rank amateur but I collect projects like stamps. Currently I'm working on something with many elements, including a cent…

Started by Harry Ayres

5 May 17, 2017
Reply by Bob Morabito

Scalar transpositions

I'm currently writing a program for analysing tonal music, and ran into something I didn't know the answer to. Basically, this has to do wi…

Started by H. S. Teoh

6 Dec 2, 2016
Reply by H. S. Teoh

Chord progression required

I am looking for a 16 bar chord progression. moving really smoothly. Can anyone help?

Started by Kevin riley

8 Jun 13, 2016
Reply by Ingo Lee

How should Composers and Musicians confront the issue of UGOMOs (Unidentified Gustatory and Olfactory Musical Objects)?

    The problem with UGOMOs (Unidentified Gustatory and Olfactory Musical Objects) can only be said to have become more acute over time.  …

Started by Olmnilnlolm

0 Dec 4, 2015

Can someone look at these six bars of music and examine the chord structure: What is going on here?

What is happening in these six bars of music? Can someone tell me what seems ordinary or commonplace here, and what seems extraordinary…

Started by Olmnilnlolm

12 Dec 2, 2015
Reply by Olmnilnlolm


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