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Add More "Realism" Into One's Pieces?

So, I use FL Studio, a very popular DAW (digital audio workstation {ProTools,Live,ect}), and, because of my limited knowledge concerning ma…

Started by Rahim Stratton

13 Aug 18, 2009
Reply by Roger Noren

Upgrading Finale to 2010?

I'm looking to upgrade from Finale 2008 Academic to 2010. I investigated it, and I found it impressive as to the number of features added s…

Started by Daniel Wesley Lis

0 Aug 17, 2009

Garritan of EastWest?

I'm looking to buy an orchestra sampler VST, something inexpensive that serves basic needs (submitting decent realizations to competitions,…

Started by Jamie Klenetsky

15 Aug 17, 2009
Reply by Roger Noren

Les Paul

Les Paul, one of my musical heros. I am happy that he got to live such a long life. His innovations in music recording technology changed m…

Started by Mike

1 Aug 14, 2009
Reply by Ray Stirling

virtual pianos...your thoughts

Hey guys, I'm new here...glad to have found this place. I'm looking for a very accurate piano VST...I know of all the popular ones like iv…

Started by Jon

12 Jul 12, 2009
Reply by Don Kim

Cubase new VST expression?

Hey guys, mostly I use DP for orchestral stuff, but I also have Cubase 4.5 that I just LOVE for doing electronic stuff - the way they have…

Started by Chris Alpiar

2 Jul 11, 2009
Reply by Jan Civil

EastWest Quantum Leap Orchestra (or Choirs)

What do you think about a programs from EW.QL factory? How it works? I mean: Orchestra, Choirs, Colossus etc. is it possible to make all mu…

Started by Robert "Robby" Piotrowski

20 Jun 30, 2009
Reply by Jan Civil

MAC/PC combo anyone???

Hey I'm an experienced composer, but I've been using purely mac for about seven years. I was thinking of adding a Windows machine to fire m…

Started by Jon

8 Jun 29, 2009
Reply by Jan Civil

Where online can I learn about DAWs, Soft Synths, Samplers, etc.?

I thought it would be nice if folks could share some of the online destinations (or books) that contain information about software and hard…

Started by Deborah Young

11 Jun 26, 2009
Reply by Jan Civil

Improving Sibelius with Cubase?

I compose on Sibelius, and I want to improve the sound quality of my finished products. Right now I just export my Sibelius files to audio.…

Started by Glenn Simonelli

12 Apr 19, 2009
Reply by Glenn Simonelli


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