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New piece in 12-tone manner...

Attached are "Vst-Performance" and a pdf-score of the music...This is my second attempt at writing such music (first one being for string o…

Started by Ario

1 Feb 24, 2010
Reply by Ario

Numerical sequences to find rhythmic patterns

I've just uploaded a piece for wind quintet - "Dämmerung - Twilight - Crepúsculo", where I use rhythmic patterns, which I found by using nu…

Started by Rudi [Rudolf Schmitt]

9 Feb 21, 2010
Reply by Rudi [Rudolf Schmitt]

New Composition from me - please review

This is my latest offeringA word of warning first; the sound so far is that of Sibelius' in-built sounds, so only marginally better than ge…

Started by Adrian Allan

2 Feb 20, 2010
Reply by Adrian Allan

Some songs and hi to all

Hi all, been wanting to join this forums for a while but keep forgetting! Anyway, Ive uploaded some songs onto my profile page http://compo…

Started by Keith

2 Feb 18, 2010
Reply by Keith

What do you think?

Hey there, I am the main songwriter for 2 bands in the town i live. While on is a band that plays live, the other one is a two man project…

Started by Lucas Freund

5 Feb 18, 2010
Reply by Lucas Freund

A Place Called Denia

Hey guys! I'm new here, so as an introduction to myself I want to present you my new piece "A Place Called Denia". Besides a lot of…

Started by Timo Pierre Rositzki

2 Feb 17, 2010
Reply by The Red Badger of Courage

Five Old songs ( Persian pop music)

Im Arr. & play 5 old songs ( persian pop music ). I would be very happy if you let me know of oponion on my music. Listen to pieces go…

Started by Ehsan Saboohi

2 Feb 15, 2010
Reply by Ehsan Saboohi

Feather (A piece written in a day)

So my professor has asked all of the composition students at my university to enter into a competition for solo piano. The rules of the com…

Started by Tyler Hughes

15 Feb 14, 2010
Reply by Tyler Hughes

Piety and Woe

Written for a String Quintet, accompanied by String Orchestra with a Bass Drum.  This piece is incomplete and might be for some time, every…

Started by Brock Keith Martin

3 Feb 14, 2010
Reply by Brock Keith Martin

Where Is This All Coming From?

In the past 3 days, I have started to compose around 7 songs that I believe will help me move on to the next step of, what I refer to, the…

Started by Rahim Stratton

2 Feb 13, 2010
Reply by Michael J Lawrence


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