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I had a bad week caused by my own failings. This is supposed to express my anger at myself. Please comment on it.

Started by Stanley King

4 17 minutes ago
Reply by Stanley King

The Exorcism

This is one of my more intense/haunting pieces for bass clarinet, piano, and string quartet.  It's quite programmatic (shouldn't be hard to…

Started by David Carovillano

3 22 minutes ago
Reply by michael diemer

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Performing Beethoven's first movement of his Moonlight Sonata in C sharp minor. Regards, Saul

Started by Saul Dzorelashvili

3 41 minutes ago
Reply by michael diemer

Light Music 60s-style for a Heritage Railway

This was "commissioned" by a local movie group for a documentary about a heritage railway. Well, I never got any money but did get a couple…

Started by Dane Aubrun

5 47 minutes ago
Reply by michael diemer

In The Garden

This is the first movement of Three Easter Scenes. The garden of course is Gethsemane. A fairly impressionistic work, I attempted to portra…

Started by michael diemer

15 2 hours ago
Reply by michael diemer

Ride West

'He went through many lands and has done his duty. He arrested the wicked and brought justice to the criminals. Now, after a long journey,…

Started by Saul Dzorelashvili

40 4 hours ago
Reply by Bob Porter

Looking for feedback before release

Looking for some Honest feedback. Let me know if you get bored at any point, too much reverb, let me know.  Thanks https://soundcloud.c

Started by Michael Hamby

3 4 hours ago
Reply by Bob Porter

Vesuvius for Violin and Piano

Greetings fellow composers! Vesuvius was written to showcase the new Joshua Bell violin from Embertone (nice to have the sound of a $15,00…

Started by David Carovillano

26 22 hours ago
Reply by David Carovillano

The Mystery

This is mood music mainly designed for relaxation. I am learning the workings of a new harp vst I just picked up on a Valantine's day sale…

Started by Timothy Smith

4 on Monday
Reply by Timothy Smith

End Game

Dear members here's a revised version of my string quartet on the theme of the collapse of the ecosystem. The third mouvement is somewhat…

Started by Christophe Heroufosse

0 on Monday


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