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Diamond Back Baby Snake

Found an old song I wrote back in the 90’s complete with vocal. It was recorded on a Tascam 8 track cassette back before DAW’s, or PC’s for…

Started by Rick

1 1 hour ago
Reply by Dane Aubrun

Soliloquy for Violin.

Hello again! This piece is freely atonal but I hope it’s also cantabile enough to get by. It capitalises on various timbres the violin can…

Started by Dane Aubrun

10 2 hours ago
Reply by Geert ter Horst

Suite for ensemble - mvts 1 & 4

I’ve been working on a suite for an ensemble, the hope being that I can eventually get people together to play it. It won’t be without perf…

Started by Dane Aubrun

7 10 hours ago
Reply by Dane Aubrun

Meaning of Love

Here’s a tune I wrote on my acoustic guitar. It’s all virtual instruments done in the Sonar 8.5 piano roll. I used an acoustic guitar libra…

Started by Rick

12 11 hours ago
Reply by Dane Aubrun

Again Again

The new and improved arrangement of a little ukulele tune I made up. I made a few changes (not that anyone would ever notice), but of cours…

Started by Rick

2 16 hours ago
Reply by Rick

News at 11

My second posting as a contrast to my first. Its a short ditty with straightforward harmony as I was mostly experimenting with NOT doing my…

Started by William Maxwell

4 yesterday
Reply by William Maxwell

Arabesque 1 - piano solo

Composed a few years ago, recently revised.

Started by Stephen C. Doonan

2 yesterday
Reply by Stephen C. Doonan

Rhapsody 2 (with update)

Here's an update to the piece- Still working between two other big works atm tho, so gon…

Started by Michael Bates

2 yesterday
Reply by Stephen C. Doonan


Here was a fun little bit of a music experiment. Mainly I was exploring time signatures and Lydian mode. Can you distinguish the three time…

Started by David Lilly

1 on Saturday
Reply by Gav Brown

Emotude II - for Piano & Cello

Hi guys, check out my new composition for Piano & Cello. Hope it makes you feel good!​​​​…

Started by Michael Bates

1 on Saturday
Reply by Gav Brown


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