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Hey Composers! You may have noticed there's been some pockets of anxiety and offensive behavior along with our growing propensity for trol…

Started by Chris Alpiar in Composer Forum NewsLatest Reply

Topic Highjacking

I hate having to make a thread about this because I thought it was common sense but I guess I have to.  I, and many other member of this fo…

Started by Tyler Hughes in Composer Forum NewsLatest Reply

New Change to the formerly Politics and Music Forum

A new higher standard has been enacted to the Politics and Music Forum. It is now the Debate in Music Forum. Here any topic worth debate, s…

Started by Tyler Hughes in The Music Debate ForumLatest Reply

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Music Analysis and Critique

This is where you get to be a critic! Listen to the track posted in the discussions and reply to it with your praise or thoughtful criticism. Get specific and offer solutions and improvements.

2731 yesterday
Reply by Socrates Arvanitakis


For contests on this site

23 Jul 26
Reply by Art Lowell

Discuss a Composer

Like a particular composer? Want to talk about them? Here's the place for you!

65 Jul 17
Reply by Bob Morabito

Suggestions Wanted/Open to Revision

This forum is for members who would like to hear specific suggestions about how to improve their compositions/works in progress. When posting to this forum, please bear in mind the following: a score and a sound file are required. If the piece does not have a score and is purely DAW written please make that clear in the thread.

91 Aug 8
Reply by Dave Dexter

The Music Debate Forum

This is a forum for debate and politics in music. All threads will be head to a much higher standard of when it comes to its content and what is posted in them.

136 26 minutes ago
Reply by Dave Dexter

Composers' Forum Tips and Tricks

Here are some ideas for getting the most out of the Composers' Forum!

85 Jun 14
Reply by George Abbott

Online Musical Resources

I found a great online ear trainer at Post here if you find any useful or fun resources for composers!

55 45 minutes ago
Reply by Dave Dexter

The Business of Composing

This forum focuses on the business aspects of composing, what to charge your clients, should you take or turn down this next gig, and so on. But not PRO's; they get their own category...

169 Mar 18
Reply by Dave Dexter


Existing discussions that have not been assigned a category.

267 Jul 24
Reply by Socrates Arvanitakis

Composer Forum News

Read this occasionally or be slapped... by a penguin.

46 Feb 3
Per Eric Rosqvist
by Adrian Allan

Composing Opportunities

Need Composers? Post here. Need to compose? Look here.

59 Jan 30

Performing Rights Organizations

All things PRO.

8 Feb 15, 2016
Reply by Stephen Lines

Music Technology

Ancient and Modern composing technology discussed.

336 Aug 4
Reply by Ray

The Art of Composition

This forum is for any discussions about composing music. The process, the inspiration, tips, tricks, and so on.

313 10 hours ago
Reply by Stephen Lines

Humor ad nauseum

Post your jokes, wacky stories, and discussions that just aren't fit for anyplace... serious ;)

57 Oct 7, 2016
Reply by Kristofer Emerig

Commercial Announcements

This is the only place where you can advertise your products to other members. If you have a loop library, sampler instrument or any product aimed at composers, post it here. If your only activity is posting ads here, then your account will be banned. You are expected to be a participating member of this forum to advertise here.

22 Jun 4
International Summer Course for Composers "SYNTHETIS", Radziejowice (Poland)
by Zygmunt Krauze

Concert Composing

This is for discussing composing music to be performed by a real live group.

19 Jul 25
Piano and Orchestra Phase 3
by George Abbott

Film, TV and Game Composing

Discussions about composing for the media.

88 Jul 13
Reply by George Abbott

Jazz Composing

All things Jazz.

9 Dec 30, 2016
Reply by Slava Fiks

Song Writing

Discussing the art of song writing - music and lyrics.

9 Nov 20, 2016
Reply by roger stancill


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